Polygon Blockchain Development Company

We assist startups and corporations with the launch of specific Blockchain Networks,dApps, NFT Marketplaces, and Smart Contracts on the Polygon blockchain, allowing them to explore new opportunities in sectors including Defi, Gaming, NFTs, and DAO.

What is Polygon Blockchain 

Polygon, formerly known as the Matic Network, is a scaling technique that aims to provide multiple methods for increasing transaction speed on blockchain networks while reducing cost and complexity.

Polygon's goal is centred on Ethereum, a decentralised application platform that allows you to explore virtual worlds, buy art,  play games, and participate in a variety of financial activities. Nonetheless, with so much activity on its blockchain, because transmission prices are rising and traffic is becoming clogged, Ethereum has become almost unusable.

Then there's Polygon. Polygon bills as its own layer-2 network, which means it works as an incorporated layer to Ethereum which does not intend to alter the original blockchain layer. Polygons, like their geometric namesake, have many edges, forms, and applications, and they give a simpler structure for constructing networks.

Polygon wishes to see Ethereum's scalability, trustworthiness, productivity, and utility increase, as well as inspire developers to build more enticing products.

Polygon's MATIC cryptocurrency, which underpins the network, was kept after the rebranding. MATIC is the entity that handles payments and settlements for network participants.

Our Polygon Blockchain Development Services 

Polygon Chain Development

Our service of polygon chain development includes two types of chains: "Security as a Service" chains and "Standalone" chains. Our Standalone Chains are self-contained and very adaptable, thanks to their own pool of validators. And the 'Security as a Service' chains are the safest, because Ethereum provides security directly.

Polygon dApps Development

To provide you with exceptional Polygon dApp development services for various projects encompassing Defi, NFTs, Gaming, and DAO, we are well-versed in Polygon SDKs, frameworks, protocols, and development tools such as Truffle, Remix, and Web3js. We also offer migration services for dApps that are running on Ethereum or other EVM chains.

Polygon Wallet Development

Our Polygon wallets are the entry points into the benefits of a borderless economy of the future. Our wallets, which are available as Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps, and Browser Extensions, provide considerable convenience to end users. We can also add features like multi-coin support, cross-platform compatibility, and a QR scanner.

Polygon Smart Contract Development

We create smart contracts that are flexible and compatible with Ethereum using Polygon SDKs and its programming languages, Solidity and Vyper. Our smart contracts combine the benefits of Ethereum with the modularity, pluggability, and extensibility of Polygon.

Polygon NFT Marketplace Development

We'll help you launch Polygon NFT Marketplace, a multi-chain compatible platform with scalability, security, interoperability, and adaptation built in. Lower transaction efficiency and huge transaction costs are effectively addressed by our Polygon NFT markets.

Polygon Integration Services

We can incorporate your project to the Polygon ecosystem via our top Polygon configuration and incorporation services, which helps to attain high scalability, modularity, and sovereignty in your blockchain project, whether you're a meta-transaction provider, hosting blockchain full nodes, or developing dApps.

Benefits of Using Polygon for Your Blockchain Project


Polygon is a layer 2 Ethereum Blockchain solution. It has all of the benefits of the Ethereum ecosystem, including inherent security, user experience, industry domination, access to existing tech stack, tools, and languages, as well as interoperability, scalability, and modularity, while even adding interoperability, expandability, and modifiability.

"Security as a service."

Polygon offers "Security as a Service," which is provided either straight by Ethereum or through a specific collection of validators. Blockchain networks built as Polygon PoS chains used this security service instead of building their own validator pool to obtain the advantage and certainty of high-grade security.


Platforms based on the Polygon protocol and structure are built to work with some other EVM blockchains and also Ethereum by default. As a result, it offers improved cross-platform capabilities and a pleasant user experience without the need to connect to a decentralised environment.

Robust architecture

Polygon architecture is made up of four levels that can be combined. The Ethereum layer is in charge of staking, message carrying, and dispute settlement, while the Security layer is in charge of validation. The Polygon networks layer, which is preceded by the Execution layer, is in charge of transaction collation, local consensus, and block construction.

User Experience

Ethereum's programmability, which is generally known around the world, provides a fantastic user experience. Polygon is a layer two Ethereum blockchain solution that inherits Ethereum's user interface while also providing additional capabilities including "zero-gas" transactions and immediate (deterministic) transaction finality.


Polygon is a complete blockchain scaling solution that combines the best of the Ethereum ecosystem with the benefits of sovereign blockchains in the 21st century. Polygon SDKs, PoS Chain, and Hermez zK-Rollup are just a few of the scaling options available from Polygon, with many more on the way.

Why Choose TokyoTechie For Polygon Blockchain Development Project 

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