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The recent boom in the cryptocurrency industry has exposed many aspects of ICO promotions that work or does not work. While 2017 was a great year for those who started with the plan to grab the attention of angel investors through what is known as Initial Coin Offering (ICO), according to data it was just 46% who were actually successful. This asks for the requirement of creating a strong and effective strategy from the start. Something, which a good blockchain marketing agency can make possible for every cryptocurrency. For a successful plan and execution, which guarantees success, it is important to not only create brand awareness and brand identity but also trust among the clients and customers. The more time you invest in promoting with this sole aim, the more your cryptocurrency will thrive to see light of the day in the future. So how exactly should you go about it?

Some of the early challenged that are faced by companies launching their own coin/token is how to gain the trust of third potential investors and customers.

Take for instance, would you like to buy into the idea of a company who provide you vague information and have no brand value online? No. A recent survey suggested that up to 80% of the cryptocurrencies were fake. How should you prove that yours is authentic? Figuring it out by yourself can be very difficult. This is one of the potential reasons of investing in an ICO marketing firm that goes beyond the traditional advertising strategies and show initiative to create not just an identity, infact a unique and undeniably recognizable brand identity for your cryptocurrency. The correct plans will not only save you tons of embarrassment on the later stages by ensuring the success of your project now, but also help you rise beyond your competitors.

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Building a reputation online is very important. One of the reasons why TokyoTechie has been recognized as the leading ICO service provider due to its diligence to create content that stands out and can help your coin/token be recognized at various platforms even before the launch. For this, i.e. to get the attention your cryptocurrency truly deserves, you need to attract your customers with an important storyline. Think in terms of why the investors would like to invest in your particular cryptocurrency when there are tons out there in the market? How would they know that you are not a part of a scam? We create that story for you! Recognition of secure and reliable platform, helping you catch the eyes of early investors and creating awareness through dedicated groups who are interested in investing with as much potential as yours. To create and enhance this potential, we invest our time dedicating to activities that are crucial to the initial stages of your project in order to create a truly trustworthy image online.

TokyoTechie is the best ico marketing company

There are many components that complete a successful strategy for a good ICO campaign. You want to catch attention of people for the right reasons helping you gain the word of mouth marketing traction amongst top cryptocurrency investors. This includes a number of things incorporating an error free social media management strategy and an effective search engine optimization plan.

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However, just SEO and SMO are not enough. Pay per click advertisements on Google, one of the top search engines in the world, may help you grab the opportunities you do not even know exist. A lot of people you are actually looking to invest may not be even aware about you and what you are offering. To make sure you are seen at the right time to the right people, it is important to invest your time and money during the initial stages of crypto marketing in creating a white list. A good white list will expose you to your potential investor and clients. To direct people towards taking an interest in what you offering and what solutions you are providing, it is important to engage in the correct ICO advertising techniques including email promotions, affiliate programs, and content marketing. TokyoTechie’s beloved treasures of video and info graphic marketing go beyond the traditional aspects of content marketing to reach those who may be looking at a different place. Our aim is to reach that perfect investor, a one for hundred find, who would help you make it to success. To get to this goal, the ICO team at our ICO marketing agency focuses its energy on building a safe haven online for you and your investors. From engaging in display advertisement to grab the attention to online PR in order to create brand awareness in a positive and professional way, we are committed to make it happen!