NFT Token Development Services

In a virtual world build your NFT to symbolize your originality and exclusivity. The favor of antiques is Collectibles. To an antique state the NFT collectibles will not resolve back any asset by its transformation.

We offer top-notch NFT Token Development Services for fulfilling your business goals successfully

Importance Of NFT Token Development

Constructed over your intangible and tangible exceptional assets, non-fungible tokens are the digital contract. To grow creators for their signature products, this NFT marketplace has huge prospective. Non-Fungible token development finds a brilliant niche in Art and games are the 2 key categories to maintain and develop together. To invest in such variety, for fantasy lovers and indies it’s striking. The assortment of exceptional assets in a virtual world might set them in happiness digitally with your own NFTs by helps of our NFT Token development.

In 2012, the 1st Non-Fungible Token was launched. Its uprising in collectible and gaming space gathered fame in NFT. In late November 2017, the exceptional demand of NFTs and nature catch the attention of collectors, gaming and investors that make $174 million.

With the use of one of 2 Ethereum token standards (ERC-721 Token and ERC-1155 Token) NFT was build. To organize NFTs and make sure containing exchanges and wallet services, Ethereum provides designs for software developers. Of intellectual property, the acknowledgment for NFT is rising for presenting ownership and genuineness like original artworks and in-game tokens.

Non Fungible Token Development (NFTs) Standards


For representing non-fungible digital assets, it was the 1st standard. ERC721 is a transmitted Solidity smart contract standard. ERC721 Token offers a recording of exceptional identifier addresses, which symbolize the holder of that identifier. ERC721 even offers a authorization method to transfer these assets.


It was pioneered by the Enjin team; transport the thought to the NFT world of semi-fungibility. With it, IDs stand for not solitary assets but classes of assets. The major thing of ERC 1155 is its moveable nature. Users don’t have to choose the token address all the time to buy manifold assets of the similar category. As an alternative, the quantity of the asset needs to be entered by user with the depiction of the Id. This offers reduction of numerous smart contracts and transaction time.

Also a superset of ERC721 Token functionality is offered by the ERC1155 Token, with the utilization of ERC1155, an asset could be constructed.

TRC 721

For supplying non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the TRON network NFT TRC-721 Token is a protocol. This is completely well-matched with ERC-721 TRC-721. To digitize your collectible NFT TRC-721 Token standard permits you into NTFs to boost its exclusive values.

Any type of digital or tangible assets will symbolize in the real world by TRC-721 standard tokens. By TRON’s public chain infrastructure at ease deployment of TRC721 is offered to your exceptional collectibles. For its simple deployment and lucrative feature, TRC-721 NFT expansion will experience an enormous adoption.

Our firm Providing Non Fungible Token Development Services for running various functionalities like digital assets, collectibles, trading cards etc.

Functions Of Non-Fungible Tokens

  • For digital assets Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be utilized that are exceptional and can be created with our NFT token development Services
  • Digital acceptance is represented and offered by NFT to the digital for concrete and elusive assets.
  • It cannot be exchanged. Every NFT is dissimilar from further NFT, which own its unique stipulation.
  • In exchange markets Non-fungible tokens are not possible be purchased for their non-exchangeable nature. In their market places, they can be produced, acquired, and traded.
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Characteristics Of Non-Fungible Tokens Development

  • On contract-enabled blockchains Non-fungible tokens can be building with non-fungible token support and tools.
  • For NFTs Ethereum’s standard ERC-721 protocol is normal.
  • NFT and their smart contracts permit for thorough details to be added, such as the owner’s identity, etc.
  • In the digital world NFT offers testimony of digital ownership of an asset, such as real estate assets and shares.
Our company offers the best Services for NFT Token Development to Create NFT Tokens or Non Fungible Tokens on EOS, ERC-721, TRC.

Features of ERC 721 NFT Token Development

  • Non-interoperable Non- exchangeable and non-interoperable are NFT’s. It cannot be utilized in other games from one game.
  • Indivisible: Due to their exceptional protocol characteristics NFTs cannot be separated into less important denominations.
  • Recoverable: As their data is saved in the blockchain through smart contract NFTs are unyielding. Every transaction can be tracked back and improved from the chain.
  • Verifiable: On the blockchain NFT stores the possession data. That allows confirmation of creators with no 3rd-party confirmation. TokyoTechie provides Non fungible Token Services as per you needs.
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NFT Token Development Company

Artists and creators are favored by the NFT concept that tokenizes their mark products in the market. Art, music, videos are unique products and are tokenizable digital assets that produce enormous traffic in the market. In NFT for their exclusive product characteristics and audience Art and games are the famous categories.

We cover a wide range of business and Industries verticals through our NFT Token development Company. NFTs main feature are the game assets. Special characters and amazing features are offered in the game features of collectibles that facilitate an elite gaming experience. For the future of Art and game developers these functionalities of NFT act as a gainful platform.

NFT Development Use Cases

  • TokyoTechi is provided NTF For ART tokenization


    One of the challenging tokens is digitalizing arts in the NFT marketplace for its exceptional formation and the magic of digitalization.

  • TokyoTechi is provided NFT For AR/VR


    In the form of amplified reality and virtual reality offers exclusive characteristics for NFTs enabling the feature of arts.

  • TokyoTechi is provided NFT For Trading cards

    Trading cards

    On crypto-collectibles resides the large quantity of NFT like Axies and sport trading cards.

  • TokyoTechi is provided NFT For Games


    In NFT tokenization game collectibles play a crucial role like Virtual assets. Improved gaming experience is offered by special features and characters. New characteristics in gaming that work under NFT, are also games such as crypto kitties and Decetraland.

  • TokyoTechi is provided NFT For Music & videos

    Music & videos

    With NFT Token development services elite contents such as music and videos can be tokenized. In the movement of NFTs NBA video clips and players' tokens achieve fame.

  • TokyoTechi is provided NFT For Domain


    As blockchain domains NFT is utilized that symbolize specific crypto domains.

  • TokyoTechi is provided NFT For Land ownership

    Land ownership

    In the virtual world this acts such as real estate. By leasing out landowners can construct and monetize their plots.

We provides the best NFT Token Development Services to improve your wide area in various industry

Benefits Of Non Fungible Token Development Services

  • To your exclusive assets, it offers value.
  • In a protected environment Anti-Fraud mechanism handles your collectibles.
  • Of blockchain transparency and clearness is the characteristic which provides to track every transaction surrounded by the community.
  • In every NFT Token Development services or token generation, NFTs’ are the same, own its individual dedicated protocol
  • Recovery of your tokens is permitted by blockchain by its disseminated ledger technology where every node manages the information of your transaction. In the transaction information no changes can be made.

TokyoTechie NFT Marketing Services

TokyoTechie’s market leaders go behind their own marketing plan to go for your business revenue.

We provide recommendations to expand products to lead your business journey that set the market trends.

  • Developing Idea
    Developing Idea And Implementation

    We will make certain as a basis, that you have an exciting plan and its execution. For mass attention we advertise your product in every factor, containing technical executions, excellent documentation and arrangement, website, and additional essential documents, relying on the project.

  • Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Marketing

    For the crypto experts NFT is not limited, however also for a universal audience. To educate the general audience it is essential for a product so that people recognize why they need to pay a small amount for a number of digital image/piece.

  • Building Community
    Building Community

    The community is a crucial thing, for most crypto projects. NFT is no exemption. Who will be with you is your most important community is the people; about you propagate the word, spend in you, and buy your NFTs.

  • Robust platform
    Robust platform

    High traffic and catastrophic failures is enable by our sturdy tokenization development platform.

  • Security

    TokyoTechie provides military-grade security for your growth display place.

  • Support

    24/7 security support is offered by our development services to handle continuous services.

  • Customization

    As per the users’ needs we tailored our services.

  • Integrations

    API and external wallet integration is offered by our development team that services to offered the unmatched user experience for customers

  • Hassle-free delivery
    Hassle-free delivery

    We introduced your platform on time with no any complexities and wait successfully.

  • Transparency

    As for its transparency the blockchain technology is named, we take over the similar characteristics in our ecosystem. Every procedure in the growth lifecycle will be apparent and see-through.

  • Design and planning
    Design and planning

    Your needs are examined by our professional team and designs a communicative UI for a enhanced user experience. By us the project will be designed keeping in mind your needs specification.