Cryptocurrency company formation in Bulgaria

Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies that permit for tremendously safe financial transactions and the confirmation of the transfer of assets. In the industry the Bitcoin is the standard, however, other currencies have begin to come into view as the field develops.

Investors can start a cryptocurrency company in Bulgaria that offers dissimilar services to cryptocurrency users, like wallets and exchange services. Forming a company in Bulgaria is a comparatively easy process and foreign investors can ask for the services obtainable by our law firm in Bulgaria.

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Cryptocurrency companies in Bulgaria

Cryptocurrency companies can connect in 1or more of the following activities:

Crypto creation

Crypto creation

The expansion of software, engaging in crypto-mining and the growth of new cryptocurrencies.

Digital wallet

Digital wallet

Necessary for individuals who possess cryptocurrencies, it is utilized to store, get and transfer the currencies



This is a platform created for users who deal digital currencies that has definite security features.

Payment solutions

Payment solutions

Competent solutions for merchants who desire to be paid in cryptocurrencies, permits practice all through retail locations and for e-commerce reasons.

It is vital to note that there are no particular regulations concerning cryptocurrencies n Bulgaria, only a declaration that the income for individuals who deal in these currencies is to be declared in the annual tax return. There are various local attorneys available in Bulgaria who can give you more idetails on the current laws and regulations.

The meaning of cryptocurrency in Bulgaria

Cryptocurrency is a legal way of payment which is managed by the Bulgarian National Bank. Meaning, this digital currency is a type of payment with no connecting liquid money in a transaction. The Bitcoin is the primary decentralized cryptocurrency with line in Japan and developed globally in a quick manner, containing in Bulgaria. Forming a cryptocurrency company in Bulgaria as a foreign industrialist is subject to the major conditions obligatory for any sort of company in the country, allowing for the special licenses and permits obligatory in the financial sector. Although cryptocurrency is not utilized on a huge scale, it has enough potential to grow and Bulgaria is open to every sort of investments in the financial sector, containing the one connected to the electronic form of payments.

The meaning of cryptocurrency in Bulgaria

Conditions to open a cryptocurrency company in Bulgaria

Investors who desire to form a cryptocurrency companies in Bulgaria ought to inquire for support and details from our specialists in company structure in Bulgaria in subject of documents and diverse conditions. One ought to consider the subsequent features when make a decision on a cryptocurrency company formation in Bulgaria:

  • With a Bulgarian bank sign a contract;
  • Respect the rules and regulations obligatory by the National Bank of Bulgaria;
  • Accept a protected method of currency exchange with no hidden fees or conditions;
  • Provide client support;
  • Build Bitcoin applications for clients.
Conditions to open a cryptocurrency company in Bulgaria

Who can use cryptocurrency in Bulgaria?

E-commerce businesses in Bulgaria can present diverse payment methods. The cryptocurrency can be simply executed on websites with actions in the retail sector. All the more, the cryptocurrency can be utilized as an optional method of payment in bars, restaurants, pubs or hotels in Bulgaria.

It’s beneficial to know the rules and regulations and all the legal formalities before thinking to form a cryptocurrency company in Bulgaria. Above mentioned information can help you a lot but it is always advisable to contact a local advisory who can guide you and tell you the latest updates in the formation of the company in Bulgaria. Know the laws and then plan accordingly for the set up of the cryptocurrency company.

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