Hyperledger Indy

Under the Hyperledger Umbrella Hyperledger Indy, one of the most exciting projects by the Linux Foundation and is showing to be the ideal solution on the web for digital identity management. Let’s see what Hyperledger Indy is and what benefits it can give yu if you implement this technology in your business.

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What is Blockchain Hyperledger Indy?

Another very famous Blockchain is Hyperledger Indy and is specially constructed for decentralized identity management. Multiple tools & libraries are stored by the platform including many reusable factors that can be utilized to make unique digital identities. The storehouse of these identities itself is Hyperledger Indy that can be utilized across every further application or domain online. Let us understand the list of components and benefits of Hyperledger Indy.


Below is the list of components of Hyperledger Indy,


Zero-knowledge cryptography is implemented by Hyperledger Indy in which one user confirms and verifies the authenticity and truthfulness of another user.


The full copy of the ledger are maintained by the master nodes and is accountable for decentralized governance. The Redundant Byzantine Fault Tolerance (RBFT) algorithm is tracked by Indy for verified consensus.


In Hyperledger Indy the Merkle tree take out the procedure of supporting up the ledger. But all nodes as a matter of fact holds a replica of the ledger.


The current state of the Blockchain network is managed by the combination of Merkle and radix Tree.


In the shape of value/key Data is stored in the database. Hyperledger Indy as well offers ordered mapping.

An easy way of working is implemented by Hyperledger Indy wherein originally a user as an identifier offers his name. Then into a unique key this identifier is converted and known as decentralized Identifiers (DID). With it the key has a connected value that is known as the DID descriptor object (DDO). A complete DID record is formed together by them. Using the public and private keys of the DID record users communicate with each other, alike to the public key cryptographic that is a method of Blockchain.

On the network to confirm and authenticate a user, Hyperledger Indy executed the below,

  • Holder - the credentials of users is controlled
  • Issuer - after verification for granting & issuing credentials to a requestor
  • Verifier - for confirming and checking the trustworthiness of the requestor
  • Registry - records of every digital identity users is hold by that Repository
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Benefits of Hyperledger Indy

  • Special cryptographic accumulators are utilized by Hyperledger Indy to permit nobody other than the user itself to modify/eradicate/erase the identity from it, therefore allowing Self-sovereignty.

  • Indy makes certain the full privacy to the user by being decentralized in nature

  • Across multiple applications and domains the digital identity generated by Hyperledger Indy can be used, therefore making it very compatible.

  • Identity Correlation-resistant is Indy the meaning of which is that the platform will by no means attach 2 IDs or have 2 related identifications in the ledger.

  • The problem of identity thefts will decrease considerably because of DIDs, as they are exceptional and owned by a single user.

  • Peer-to-peer communication is involved by the platform sooner than depending on a centralized intermediary.

  • To disclose only required details is allowed by the Zero-knowledge proofs with no having to let go any further information.

  • Hyperledger Indy becomes very efficient with the help of the RBFT consensus protocol.

By going through these benefits, you can make your decision of implementing Hyperledger Indy in your business and TokyoTechie will help you with it entirely.

Applications of Hyperledger Indy

There are numerous use-cases of Hyperledger Indy and they are listed below

  • Generating Digital Documents such as birth certificate or passport
  • Depending on authentication eradicating password by generating fingerprint/biometric access depending on digital identity.
  • Developing Digital Membership identity cards
  • Developing age-restricted Digital identity
  • With the utilization of decentralized Digital ID the Background Verification is done
  • Developing universally accessible identities
TokyoTechie is the best hyperledger indy blockchain development Company

It has been seen after going through all the details of Indy that the potential of applications of Hyperledger Indy are never-ending. With digital identities the problems that occur Hyperledger Indy is the answer for that. It is a properly architecture and purpose driven platform that is simply well-matched with other systems and silos.

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TokyoTechie is the best hyperledger indy blockchain development Company

It will not only make the process of digital identity easy for you but will save your time. The authentication and verification is important when t comes to digital identity and Indy helps in making it more legal and genuine. Hence, TokyoTechie is one of the most reputed companies that works in the implementation of this technology and with ease will execute the same in your business.

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